• LAURA Shea Butter Soap
  • LAURA Shea Butter Soap

LAURA Shea Butter Soap



"Even the good life can get a little dirty sometimes.  She took a deep breath, turned on the taps, ran the water through her hands, and reveled in the fresh scent and buttery lather of the soap."

There's nothing like the weight of a good, old-fashioned bar of pure soap in your hands.  Let it free your mind from the day's cares and wash them down the drain.

  • The bar that started it all - our original shea butter formula, still handmade here in Upstate New York farm country in small batches.
  • Crafted with responsibly-sourced shea butter, food-grade olive and coconut oils, American heritage breed lard, and pure artesian spring water from the farm.
  • Leaves skin clean and fresh without drying.
  • All purpose hand and body soap appropriate for all skin types.  Perfect for use in the powder room, kitchen, shower and kids' bathroom.
  • Our 4 oz. bar is hand-wrapped in parchment paper and Italian hand-marbled papers.  Perfect for gift-giving or an indulgence for your own home.

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