• Bluebeam Facial Serum Oil

Bluebeam Facial Serum Oil



Don't wait until you start to notice the effects of blue light on your skin.  Blue light is everywhere, including emanating from your screen devices.  Protect your skin from harmful blue light with our protective Bluebeam Facial Serum Oil specifically designed to support your skin's own natural response to blue light, as well as provide nutrients and essential fatty acids to your skin's mantle.  Adaptogenic hemp flower extract helps to regulate sebum production and delivers the anti-oxidant power of phytocannabinoids.  All in one simple, elegant serum.  

*Essential oil free                                                          *Cruelty Free

*Coconut oil free                                                          *Pollinator friendly

*Soy, wheat and GMO free                                           *Vegan

*Zero-waste formula                                                    *Full Spectrum Hemp Flower

*Preservative free                                                         *Responsibly farmed

                       *Contains 150 mg CBD, 50 mg CBC and less than .3%THC

                       *Presented in a 1oz/30mL Miron glass dropper bottle

How to use:  Warm 2-3 drops of oil into the palm of your hands, then massage gently into your face, neck and chest. Use as a facial serum after cleansing, misting and treatment.  May also be mixed into lotions and creams or sunscreens.

Ingredients:  Cold-pressed virgin Vaccinium myrtillus (blueberry) seed oil, Vaccinium myrtillus (blueberry) seed extract, Full-spectrum Cannabis sativa (hemp) flower extract, Tocopherol.  

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