The Misty Blue Farm Philosophy

     …. the fat green hills that turn a slate grey hue after a rainstorm.... the color of the bedrock in the streambed..... the blue of the sky in the summer evenings.  Imagine pristine water flowing for so long that everything but the blue-black bedrock has been worn away..... the distant verdant mountains of Vermont shaded in purple-blue.  This is where we live and this is where your skincare is made - in a snug little valley in the Green Mountain uplands along the New York - Vermont border. There is no place like it in all the world.  This is why we are Misty Blue.  The blue surrounds us here, pervades us, doesn't let us go.  We breathe it in and exhale it out.                                                                                                                             
    Our philosophy is simple, really.  We believe certain plants, in conjunction with clean delivery systems, can have a marked impact on your skin health, and in turn, your below the skin health, as well.  Our philosophy is based on the science of adaptogens - plants and plant compounds that adapt to your specific environmental needs to promote homeostatis.  Homeostasis is the state of being where all your bodily functions are working in harmony with each other.
    Some adaptogens are ancient, like those found in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practices; some are relatively new like cannabinoids.  Along with our staff biochemist, we have paired these adaptogenic plants with clean cosmeceuticals and traditional herbal remedies to innovate a unique and effective skin care range.  There is not another like it in all the world.                                                                    
    Our goal here on the farm is to formulate skincare that takes care of you and nurtures you and imbues you with a sense of what we feel for this place, this land, and the plants that grow here.  Come dive into the Misty Blue with us.



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