The Misty Blue Farm Philosophy

    We believe country roads take you home.
      We believe that being from the country and being sophisticated are not mutually exclusive.
        We believe there's no finer sound than a screen door slamming on a hot summer afternoon.
          We believe true luxury is hand-crafted.
            We believe antiquing should be an Olympic sport.
              We believe the smaller the town the bigger the heart.
                We believe in the restorative powers of a skinny dip in a cold creek.
                  We believe in crafting things in small batches.
                    We believe in staying up late and catching fireflies in a jar.
                      We believe in taking care of our land for the next generation.
                        We believe the word "supper" is defined as roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered carrots and strawberry ice cream for dessert.
                          We believe in using the finest American-grown ingredients in our skin care range.
                            We believe in hard work and honoring our promises.
                              We believe old houses are better than new ones.
                                We believe our clients are our most valuable business asset.
                                We believe in the healing power of nature.


                                    Come join us here in the country. It's always a good time down on the farm.


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