Promises to Keep

 Respect for the Body, Reverence for the Soul.

Misty Blue Farm Botanicals is deeply rooted in the great American herbalist tradition - we are American growers of adaptogenic, cannabis-native skincare.

As this great legacy informs all of our practices here at the farm, I would like to talk to you about why we craft naturally luxurious skin care products centered around phytocannabinoids and why it should matter to you. You may have found your way to us because you were let down by other beauty brands. It is incredibly hard to disconnect with a brand you used to love. We understand this. I myself broke up with several legacy skin care brands when I began this deeply transformative self-care journey. I felt let down by those other brands. I felt ripped off. I felt poisoned. It didn't feel good to me. And isn't the beauty industry supposed to be about making us all feel good?

But then I realized how incredibly empowering this lesson could be for me. Here I was sitting amongst all of this farm-fresh bounty. And having acquired all this traditional knowledge about what it truly means to take care of myself and my skin properly, I decided to take that knowledge and all the lush natural ingredients around me, along with a few clean, scientifically-sound lab-created elements and turn that into some powerfully simple skin care that I could send out little by little into the world. On my own terms, in my own way, to people like you and me.

Here on our farm, we promise to always:

    Source our plant ingredients locally whenever possible, from organic/bio-dynamic family farmers we know and trust. We always source from these small American organic farmers first.  We grow many of our own adaptogenic ingredients including our own hemp flower (cannabis sativa) and St. John's wort right here on the farm.
    Source animal-derived ingredients (such as our honey, beeswax) from American small farmers who raise their animals in a humane, responsible and sustainable manner.  We host bees and provide acres of pollinator fields on our farm to give back to the environment and regenerate our land for future generations.
    Source exotic ingredients like plant butters from small, eco-minded entrepreneurs around the globe.
    Prepare all of our skin care products by hand in small batches with patience, care, and intention using the purest grown botanicals, oils and butters and using clean synthetic cosmeceuticals where necessary.
    Promote your whole-body health and overall well-being, not just your skin health. For example, our proprietary essential oil blends are designed for maximum aromatherapy benefits in addition to their skin care efficacy; many of our adaptogenic ingredients are processed via in-house made  tinctures and extractions.  Our hemp flower extract is rich with CBD and other beneficial phytocannabinoids and feeds your body and your soul.
    Be responsive to your feedback and your needs as a valued member of our client community and Ladies' Auxiliary. Our Client Concierge policies are designed to make your MBF experience utterly enjoyable and completely stress-free. Our goal is impeccably delivered customer service every single visit. Relax and let us take care of you here at the farm.
    Here on our farm, we promise to never:
      Use parabens, phthalates, known hormone disruptors, petroleum by-products, cheap fillers, known carcinogens, synthetic fragrances or GMO ingredients.
      Test on animals, or work with suppliers that conduct animal testing.
      Use ingredients or farming methods that harm the environment here or in other places around the world.  Truly clean skin begins with clean dirt and a clean environment.  "Dirt first!", as our farmer friend Seth likes to say.



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