Meet Our Founder

WELCOME! My name is Kelley Taylor, and I am the founder of Misty Blue Farm Botanical Skin Care. Since I can remember I had always wanted to live in the country. I yearned to fall in love with a romantic farmhouse snuggled deep in green rolling hills, far away from the noise and bustle of the city. You will know the depth and intensity of this feeling exactly if you ever read "The Little House on the Prairie" book series when you were 7 and then watched the movie "Baby Boom" when you were 20. Not so strangely enough, I married a man who grew up in the country and wanted to live there again, too. Eventually this lead us, after many trials and tribulations, to our bucolic 50-acre farm which lies in a snug little valley east of New York and west of Vermont. (You can read about our first visit here.)

Now, you should know that from a very young age, I was a maker. Trust me when I say you would have wanted to be my best friend back in grade school. I was always cooking, baking and making crafts for my friends. Bespoke handmade goods have always been my stock in trade. They are my signature. I express myself through what I make for others. I have always believed that truly luxurious living was defined by surrounding yourself with the fruits of these handmade labors. Real luxury cannot be bought en masse. It must be experienced and created firsthand.

As I proceed on this life's journey, I have learned much about traditional American herbalism and the role it can play in our overall health and wellness. This is why I founded Misty Blue Farm Botanicals. So much of what we are missing now in our lives can be found by slowing down, being purposeful, enjoying small moments and taking care of ourselves with natural and naturally-derived products. Now I spend my days surrounding myself in the farm formulary with the gorgeous oils, silky butters and ripe botanicals that make up our skin care range. Not only do the colors, textures and fragrances of these fine natural ingredients inspire me and stir my maker soul, but they inform every aspect of the way I have chosen to live and take care of myself.

Won't you join me in my pursuit of living a luxurious handmade life?

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