Meet Kelley, Our Founder

WELCOME! My name is Kelley Taylor, and I am the founder of Misty Blue Farm Botanical Skin Care. Since I can remember I had always wanted to live in the country, surrounded by plants and nature. I yearned to fall in love with a romantic farmhouse snuggled deep in green rolling hills, far away from the noise and bustle of the city.  Luckily, I married a man who grew up in the country and wanted to live there again, too. Eventually we landed on a bucolic 50-acre farm in a snug little valley in Upstate New York, just a stone's throw from the Vermont border.  I wrote a blog post about our first visit.

In times of stress in my life, I have always sought the solace of the outdoors and working with plants.  Here on our farm, I am surrounded by the cacophony of nature.  It literally drowns out everything else.  And I listen, deeply and intuitively, so that I may provide to you the unique benefits of each plant I work with.

So much of what we are missing now in our lives can be found by slowing down, being purposeful, enjoying small moments and taking care of ourselves with self-care products designed to adapt to our changing needs.  Now I spend my days surrounding myself in the farm formulary with the gorgeous oils, silky butters and ripe botanicals that make up our skin care range. Not only do the colors, textures and fragrances of these fine natural ingredients inspire me and stir my maker soul, but they inform every aspect of the way I have chosen to live. They take care of me and inherently know what it is I need from them.  I started Misty Blue Adaptogenic Skin Care because I want them to do the same for you.

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