Our Farm Formulary

Misty Blue Farm is nestled in a snug little valley in upstate New York, just west of Vermont.  We are American growers of fine skin care products, and we hand craft our skin care range in the great American herbalist tradition.

All Misty Blue Farm Botanicals products are formulated, packaged and shipped from our 50 acre farm deep in the heart of New York's farm country. We utilize a mix of old-world herbalist elements along with clean, non-toxic lab-created ingredients to formulate luxurious skin care products.  The botanicals we use are wild-crafted from our own farm meadows, intentionally grown in our own fields or grown for us by other local farmers. We source our exotic ingredients from eco-minded entrepreneurs and growers around the world.  All of this goodness comes together here on the farm as the basis for our coveted nutrient-rich serums, our decadent balms, and our outrageously luxurious soaps.

Our Formulating Team

We work with Benjamin Smith, a brilliant young bio-chemist, who is deeply committed to a natural and sustainable lifestyle. Benjamin is a graduate of Green Mountain State College in Vermont, an innovative patent-holder in micro-imaging technologies and considered around these parts to be our "homegrown genius". Ben's unique knowledge of biology and chemistry ensures that the skin care products we create are as effective and results-oriented as they are safe.

Farm Formulary Ingredients

When you purchase a Misty Blue Farm Botanical Skin Care product you are purchasing a fine skin care product made with great care and respect for the individual ingredients and respect for your wellbeing. 

We do not use, nor will we ever use:

Parabens, phthalates, nanoparticles, silicon, PEG (poly-ethylated glycols), and petroleum-derived ingredients.  We also do not test on animals and do not buy from suppliers that test on animals.

As always, if you have any questions regarding our ingredient lists or how to use one of our products, we suggest you contact our Client Concierge a hello@mistybluebotanicals.com


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