1 - tips

This is a Heading One H1 tag

This tag is already being used for page titles, which is the correct way to use it. It's not really for anything else on the page

This is a Heading Two H2 tag

Best for secondary headings, like you see on your FAQ page

This is a Heading Three H3 tag

Where you want to have additional headings but that aren't as bold as a H2. It's also a different color


This is a paragraph. Seems simple, but really matters on your site.

When you copy things to your text editor you might think it looks like they are all separate paragraphs, but often they aren't. So when you make something an H2 the whole thing becomes an H2!

The trick is using the RETURN key. I'll hit it now...

And ta-da! I'm in an new paragraph completely separate from the one above.

I could also select the whole text and click 'Paragraph' in the dropdown above. That trick works great when you've copied over a lot of text from elsewhere and it brought in a mess. Select it all and make it 'Paragraph'

But what if you want to only go to 
the next line
and not make a new paragraph?

The trick there is to hold down SHIFT + RETURN
ta-da - next line, but still in the same paragraph. No big space above and below!


Adding new Collections

Your collections are be manually populated, meaning you have to physically add items to their collections (I chose to keep it simple). If you choose to add a New collection you should also make it manual. 

Remember to add your new collections to the navigation. It won't appear automatically.

Tip for adding new Products

Type: When you create a new product be sure to assign it the correct type. We may use this later so good to start now

Variants: Only add a variant if there is, in fact, more than one option. So don't add a Size variant unless it comes in multiple sizes.

Creating Tab Headings

Everything up to the first heading will become your Detail tab automatically. You can change the title in the App > Easy Tabs.

Create and then select the next heading and make it an H5 - the site will detect that and make it a tab automatically. Style everything else carefully, making it uniform with the other products if possible.



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