What Is The Green Beauty Movement?

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From a young age, I tried to care for my skin as best I could.  I was always fascinated by soaps, lotions, powders and balms.  Yet, as a pre-internet child I had no way to educate myself on what worked and what was truly good for my skin.  So, when I became an adult with disposable income, my enthusiasm for skincare translated into regular visits to department store cosmetic counters and trips to Sephora, where I spent thousands over the years.

At this particular moment in time, online shopping was in its infancy. (I know that seems hard to believe now.)  So, all I had to rely on for skin care advice was the professed expertise of the women (mostly) behind the counter and the literature provided by large legacy skin care companies.

I wasted a lot of time and a lot of money on skin care products that not only didn't perform well but also contained ingredients that were downright harmful to me and my skin.  A $90 skin cream with mineral oil as the second or third ingredient?  No thank you very much.  It was a breach of trust, pure and simple.

I eventually discovered smaller, more holistic skin care brands, but even those too didn't hold up to the promise of what they were preaching, as many of them eventually became gobbled up by large corporate conglomerates like Estee Lauder Companies.   If this post teaches you anything, it is that you must do your due diligence to make sure you know who you are buying from.  

The green beauty revolution that we are now witnessing is nothing short of a vast, miraculous transformation of a huge industrial complex that kept their hands about our veritable throats.  No longer.  Now, we can research any brand we want, as deeply and thoroughly as necessary to make sure that brand aligns with what is important to us.  I can communicate directly to you what I and my brand stand for, without the filter of magazine or television ads.  You can get to know me, and in return I can get to know you.  

So, what is the green beauty and skincare movement all about? It can mean different things to different people, but basically it's about deliberately formulating while eschewing known harmful chemicals and substances in cosmetics and skincare.  As a green skincare formulator, I know what to avoid and what to substitute in place of a concerning raw ingredient.  Usually that means replacement with a natural or naturally-derived raw ingredient instead, but it can also mean a replacement with a synthetically-produced but safe alternative.  Green beauty and skincare companies support environmental initiatives like recycling programs and organic farming, as well.  I like to deem the green movement in beauty and skincare as a "whole earth philosophy", as the movement encompasses multiple concerns and disciplines.

Green and/or clean beauty brands tend to be small companies, usually start-ups run by their founder, so when you support green beauty with your purchases, you're supporting small businesses, most often run by female entrepreneurs.  Some green beauty brand founders, like myself, grow or produce some of the raw ingredients used in our products.  So green beauty supports small farms and regenerative farming practices.  As I mentioned above, the green beauty movement is really all-encompassing and can benefit vast segments of the world and the population just because you made a small but meaningful substitution in your daily skincare routine.

We now have the power to choose the clean, the green, the weird and the wonderful and have it shipped anywhere in the world.  I would never go back to supporting the beauty industrial complex. How about you?  Come dive into the Misty Blue and change with us.


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