Cleansing, A Foundational Tenet of Our Skincare Philosophy

Skin Care Advice from Ben

 Here at the Farm Formulary we have invested much time and effort in creating a collection of naturally efficacious products. We'd also like to share with you the foundational scientific tenets behind our product collection, so you have a deeper understanding of why our products work and why they are good for you . Our entire skin care philosophy and the rituals that surround our product use are based in what we like to call "natural science".

We craft our skin care range using ingredients found in nature or that can be easily transformed through simple and natural processes into something greater than their original incarnation. For example, bamboo is transformed through the natural process of fire into activated bamboo charcoal; oils and butters are transformed via the process of saponification into pure soap; fresh flowers and herbs are transformed through the simple process of steam distillation into aromatic waters and essential oils.

From the very beginning of this journey, I have stressed the need for proper skin cleansing as the foundation of our skin care rituals. Like an invisible shield, your skin creates a fine exterior layer secreted by your sebaceous and sweat glands that coats your entire body in a film at a pH of between 4.5 -6.5. This is your acid mantle, and it helps protect your skin from a host of not-so-nice things like germs, bacteria and other contaminants.

However, like most functions of our body, the acid mantle must be used and challenged on a regular basis in order to keep your skin healthy and provide your body with its' full protection. Modern ph-neutral chemical laden surfactants do not challenge the skin's acid mantle properly, which we believe results in dryness and a host of other skin ailments. These detergent surfactants are known allergens and can leave behind traces on your skin that may cause further damage.

The foundation of our skin care philosophy is simply this: proper cleansing of your skin in preparation to receive the full effects of hydration and emollient application is critical. Pure, all natural soap is the best cleanser for the vast majority of people. Humans have been using pure soap in one form or another for over a thousand years, and human skin is healthiest when it is clean and its' acid mantle is functioning properly. Pure soap accomplishes both of these objectives in the most naturally functional way possible.

A bar of properly formulated pure soap has a pH of between 9.0-10.0. This is considered alkaline and sits at the opposite end of the pH scale from the pH of your skin's acid mantle. This pH difference of the soap and the friction of the lathering are exactly what is needed to properly remove the day's dirt, oils and fatty acids that have accumulated on the surface of your skin. This action will also temporarily remove your skin's acid layer; however healthy skin will begin production of a new acid mantle immediately and the acid mantle is completely restored, fresh and new, within about 20 minutes.

This regeneration or exercising of your skin's acid mantle on a regular basis is no different than exercising the muscles of your body. In order to be strong and fully functional, your acid mantle must be challenged regularly. Our pure, handcrafted soap will challenge your acid mantle and prepare your skin for proper hydration and application of emollients.

We recommend cleansing once a day with our bar soap in the evening, prior to bed, then following with hydration and emollients. For most of our clients, simply rinsing the face with tepid water in the morning is enough to whisk away any excess sebum or debris from sleep, from which you may follow up with the appropriate hydration and emollients to start your day.


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