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So many of you ask about questions about our farmhouse, so I thought I would share a bit.  You see, she's kind of Instagram famous so folks always want to know more about her.  When we first bought this farmland almost a decade ago now, there was nothing here except some overgrown fields, hedgerows, trees, and of course our beautiful stream.  

It took us four years to design and site the farmhouse on this land.  We wanted it just right.  Since there was no house already on the farm - our parcel was part of a larger farm up until the 1960's and the original farmhouse is kitty-corner down the road from us - we had to design and build a new house from scratch.  We wanted a NEW old house.  So, no our farmhouse is not old; although she is a reproduction of an 1860's farmhouse.  

You may have noticed the date in our slate roof.  We live in the Slate Valley, as it is called, where most of the slate for roofs in North America is quarried.  Virtually every old house and barn here in this area has a roof covered in slate.  We wanted to replicate that to make our new house fit in.  We have what is called a slate roof inscription - ours happens to be the date she was completed.  Our date inscription is based on an historic barn - the Hathaway barn just across the state line into Vermont.  Slate roof inscriptions are a vernacular building feature unique to our area.  There are dozens and dozens of examples here in the Slate Valley.

The house design was based on the old Vermonter saying "big house, little house, backhouse, barn".  Houses in this area are old, for the most part, and have been added onto numerous times over the ensuing decades and centuries, hence the saying.  The Misty Blue Farm Formulary is housed upstairs in the barn, which is light, bright, airy and modern - not at all like a traditional old barn.  And yes, we have all the modern amenities one could ask for in a new home, and we're energy efficient, too.  This farmhouse is clad in wood - hemlock to be precise - no plastic or vinyl here.  In fact, traditional local materials were used throughout the construction of the house and barn - Danby marble, soapstone, copper, slate, hemlock and cedar.

So, the next time you're searching for farmhouses on Instagram, be on the lookout for ours here at Misty Blue Farm.


  • Posted by Cathy on June 05, 2019

    What a fun glimpse into your world! You literally live (in) and breathe the essence of your brand. ❤️

  • Posted by Katherine on June 05, 2019

    What a gorgeous “new” old house!! I never knew about slate roof inscriptions. So charming! Thanks for the peek into the history of how she came to be.

  • Posted by Angie on May 13, 2019

    I love this! I hope you documented some of that. I have a similar situation where I live in an Instagram famous Airstream. The builders who lived it in prior created wonderful documentation of everything they did to restore their 1975 airstream and its beautiful. You should check them out mavistheairstream.com!

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